Petropars Co.

With the discovery of the huge South Pars gas condensate field in the Persian Gulf, the idea of establishing an Iranian company to handle the exploitation of God-given resources, technology transfer and management of large oil and gas projects in Iran was conceived, and Petropars Co. (Limited) was founded on 27/01/1998. As an initial step, this company undertook the execution of Phase 1 of the South Pars field and was able to transfer the required management and technical knowledge to Iran in cooperation with internationally renowned companies. Then, the development plan of phases 4 and 5 of the South Pars complex was entrusted to Petropars, which was the first experience of an Iranian company in financing and investing in mega-plans and mega-projects. The significant success of Petropars on this project enabled the company to take a step towards principled and fundamental management of domestic and foreign contractors and to develop knowledge of project management in Iran. For these reasons, the responsibility for the execution and development of phases 6, 7 and 8 of the South Pars Complex was assigned to this company.

Supplier of goods:

  • Supplying SMLS SS/Duplex Pipe
  • Supplying Welded SS/Duplex Pipes
Persian Gulf Sadaf Petrochemical Company
Persian Rad Co. (Peradco)